Why reversible baby clothing is the new trend

Thinking of ways to travel light with a baby? Whether it be a staycation, weekend trip to grandparents, day trip in town or planning that glorious first post-pandemic vacation, travelling with a baby is definitely not the embodiment of hassle free.

In comes reversible wear to the rescue! Not many people realise the benefits of reversible clothing, particularly for babies, we've listed some of the top benefits for good quality reversible baby clothing below.

1. Space, space and more space!

Having two outfits in one is a great space saver especially if you live in a city like Hong Kong where space is treasured and comes with a hefty price tag. Having a smaller wardrobe for your baby will definitely be appreciated, particularly by your other half.

2. Travel light with your baby

Taking a baby out when travelling with your family can be very exhausting, our tip - take as little baby gear as possible. The lighter you travel, the easier your life. There is nothing more tiring than hauling a bunch of baby gear that you don’t actually need and unpacking and packing it up when you travel around. Packing and travelling is a breeze with reversible baby clothing because you can easily pack a whole week’s worth of outfits with just a few items of clothing.

3. Fully Seamless

Reversible clothes are often fully seamless with no stitches, this ensures zero irritation on your baby’s skin. It also makes it extremely durable and lasting, making it an excellent choice for adventurous babies.

4. Fashion envy

Two outfits in one – you will definitely be getting a lot of compliments and envious glances from fellow mummy friends who haven’t been introduced to the wonderful world of multi-functional baby wear.

5. Less Laundry and eco-friendly

Having an item of baby clothing that offers many different looks means you will have less items to wash, which is not only great for lowering your bills, it’s also good for the planet. So buying reversible baby clothes really is great for the environment.

6. Best Value

It goes without saying, but having one item that completely transforms into many different looks provides great value. Due to the nature of reversible clothing (they need to be able to be worn inside out) they are (or at least Cotton Pigs is) made with the highest quality materials. So you can be sure that you are getting the best quality, functionality and value for your money.

So there you have it, with all of these benefits, we feel that reversible baby clothing will be the next trend, what do you think?

Check out the featured romper below:

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