• To all the amazing breastfeeding mums – thank you!

    As World Breastfeeding Week 2020 draws to a close today, I wanted to say a big thank you to all of the wonderful mums who have shared their stories with me. It has been such an encouraging and inspiring week, hearing about all of their breastfeeding stories. Stories of determination and perseverance; of hard work and hope; of beauty and comedy, through each unique breastfeeding journey with mother and child.

    I hope that by sharing this collection of stories, it can help open up dialogue and a place for mothers to talk freely about their breastfeeding experience.

  • Working Moms’ Challenge – Finding a way to pump

    There are so many adjustments as a new mum, but adjusting from a full-time mum to a working mum can sometimes require more effort, and is often quicker than expected.

    Back in the workforce after the birth of her son, Flo who pumps for her baby recalls some challenges she faced when she was travelling for work when baby was around five months old – using the most feasible space she could to express milk which was less-than-ideal: a disabled toilet.