Working mum

  • A Korean Mum’s Experience: what is it like raising a biracial baby?

    The world today is truly a dazzling array of cultures. From the gorgeous Victoria skyline in Hong Kong, to the turquoise blue waters in The Bahamas or the wild jungles in the Amazon Rainforest, people have created unique cultures and histories that bind them to one another and the places they’ve lived in. It is increasingly common to meet intercultural or multicultural people and families, and more important than ever to appreciate the cultural diversity of one another.

    I’ve the opportunity to meet with Jae, a female entrepreneur, mother and a firm advocate in diversity and inclusion who shares with me her story of being in a multicultural family, and raising a biracial baby in South Korea.

  • Working Moms’ Challenge – Finding a way to pump

    There are so many adjustments as a new mum, but adjusting from a full-time mum to a working mum can sometimes require more effort, and is often quicker than expected.

    Back in the workforce after the birth of her son, Flo who pumps for her baby recalls some challenges she faced when she was travelling for work when baby was around five months old – using the most feasible space she could to express milk which was less-than-ideal: a disabled toilet.