baby care

  • Fostering hope: one mum's story of fostering 3 babies

    Every child is unique and every foster parent is different. Their journeys together are one-of-a-kind, their stories weaved together – and each story has its moments of joy and challenges. One common theme does transcend, and that is the love and growth of both foster children and their foster parents. After all, having someone, even as young as a new born baby come into your lives, with their own unique needs and dreams, will definitely bring about a dynamic change to the family.

    I had the opportunity to meet with Eileen to hear about her heart-warming story in fostering babies since 2019! If you’re curious about what it really means to be a foster parent — the behind-the-scenes stories that you might not have heard before — read on to hear about Eileen’s story.

  • Why reversible baby clothing is the new trend

    Thinking of ways to travel light with a baby? Whether it be a staycation, weekend trip to grandparents, day trip in town or planning that glorious first post-pandemic vacation, travelling with a baby is definitely not the embodiment of hassle free. In comes reversible wear to the rescue!
  • Three reasons why organic cotton is better for babies

    We often get asked what the difference is between organic cotton vs conventional aka normal cotton. The distinct difference comes from how both cottons are made – during the production process of conventional cotton, there is often a widespread use of harmful toxic chemicals in the washing, dyeing and printing stages which have known to cause allergies, rashes and, respiratory problems, particularly towards babies.