Real stories

  • The joys and challenges of raising a child with albinism

    As modern parents, we receive influence from our parents, grandparents, peers and the entire internet at our disposal; there is often conflicting advice on how to raise a kid who is kind, confident and successful. However, one central theme has drawn much attention, and that is to teach our children about diversity at a very young age.

    We’ve reached out to Sarah who shares with us her thoughts on the joys and challenges of what it is like to raise a child with albinism.

  • Breastfeeding in the face of surgery and hospitalisation

    Every nursing story is unique - their perspectives may all be different, but each one powerfully illustrates the emotions and beauty of the connection between mother and child.

    An inspiring and touching story of a mother’s strength and love, Marta shares with us the difficulties she faced with her son Ivo, from her complicated emergency C-section to her month-long stay in the hospital with him.

  • How breastfeeding your third kid can be completely different to the first two

    Each parent and child has a unique experience when it comes to nursing. It usually does get easier the second or third time round, but there are no guarantees, it is something that both parent and child will have to learn to do together.

    A mother of three, Angela recounts her story of breastfeeding only her youngest child Emily as she had faced challenges in her breastfeeding journey with her first two kids.