Real stories

  • A Korean Mum’s Experience: what is it like raising a biracial baby?

    The world today is truly a dazzling array of cultures. From the gorgeous Victoria skyline in Hong Kong, to the turquoise blue waters in The Bahamas or the wild jungles in the Amazon Rainforest, people have created unique cultures and histories that bind them to one another and the places they’ve lived in. It is increasingly common to meet intercultural or multicultural people and families, and more important than ever to appreciate the cultural diversity of one another.

    I’ve the opportunity to meet with Jae, a female entrepreneur, mother and a firm advocate in diversity and inclusion who shares with me her story of being in a multicultural family, and raising a biracial baby in South Korea.

  • Born far from home: Stories of migrant mothers in Hong Kong

    Pregnancy and motherhood for many women can often be a time of great joy and excitement, however the reality for migrant mothers in Hong Kong can often be extremely challenging.

    I’ve had the privilege of visiting PathFinders’ shelter, speaking to some of the most vulnerable migrant women in Hong Kong, where most of them are domestic workers. Many of them have faced their jobs being terminated, or were highly encouraged to leave after finding out that they were pregnant. Unfortunately for the majority, pregnancy rights were something that was not made aware to them, and many had to deal with legal matters on top of lacking the mental and health support during their pregnancy.

    However, amongst the chaos of uncertainty, fear and a certain level of helplessness, there is a safe haven nestled within the concrete jungle that they once called home.

  • Fostering hope: one mum's story of fostering 3 babies

    Every child is unique and every foster parent is different. Their journeys together are one-of-a-kind, their stories weaved together – and each story has its moments of joy and challenges. One common theme does transcend, and that is the love and growth of both foster children and their foster parents. After all, having someone, even as young as a new born baby come into your lives, with their own unique needs and dreams, will definitely bring about a dynamic change to the family.

    I had the opportunity to meet with Eileen to hear about her heart-warming story in fostering babies since 2019! If you’re curious about what it really means to be a foster parent — the behind-the-scenes stories that you might not have heard before — read on to hear about Eileen’s story.